Foodspotting Dishcrawl Web 2.0 Expo Food Hunt

Fiona Tang · Manhattan, New York, NY, USA Food Tour · created over 7 years ago

Join Foodspotting and Dishcrawl for our Web 2.0 Expo Food Hunt on Tuesday, September 28th at 6pm.

Both Foodspotting and Dishcrawl are in New York for Web 2.0 Expo and we figure it's only appropriate to host a get together around, of course, food. If you're in New York then, please come on a hunt with us for the best foods near the event.

Where: Meet us at the lobby of Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, 7th Ave at 53rd, New York

How: Download the Foodspotting iPhone app to follow the Web 2.0 Expo Food Hunt guide or bring your digital camera along to participate in the Food Hunt
If you're not already signed up for Foodspotting, be sure to do so to follow our Foodspotting guide in preparation for the Food Hunt!

Twitter: @Foodspotting and @Dishcrawl - #w2efoodhunt