The (UNOFFICIAL) 2012 Big Eats San Francisco

Michael M · San Francisco Scavenger Hunt · created about 6 years ago

Every year, 7x7 publishes a list of 100 things to try in San Francisco before you die. This guide is unofficially based on that list.

This guide is NOT sponsored by 7x7 magazine or any of its affiliates.

There's a bonus item from Mission Chinese Food. The Kung Pao Pastrami was featured in the print version, but was swapped for Salt Cod Fried Rice dish online. Both are great, try them both.

There are no prizes for completing this guide, but you will get the badge if you get at least half way there. The first list they did, took me 3 weeks to do 100 items. How long will it take you.

Helpful hint - Only order the item that's on the list, and let the staff know that you're doing the guide.

Now get spotting, and Bon Appetite!