Bakery Bites

Time Out Chicago · Guide to Chicago · created almost 6 years ago

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  • Chocolate-Drizzled Brownies at Loretta's Bakery & Cafe in Chicago, IL

    Everything is adorably bite-sized, and some desserts can't stand up to the miniaturization (the pound cake and hand pies in particular). The saving grace comes in the form of the light—but still moist—bite-size brownies drizzled with chocolate.

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    Dark Chocolate Mascarpone Tart at Fabcakes in Chicago, IL

    A puff-pastry “croissant” with a dollop of goat cheese in the center and a dense plum tart weren’t terribly impressive, but we liked that they weren’t too sweet, either.

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    Chocolate Crinkle Cookies at Flirty Cupcakes Storefront in Chicago, IL

    It was only a matter of time before the folks behind the Flirty Cupcakes truck opened a storefront. But who knew they’d use this opportunity to expand their repertoire from cupcakes to cookies, muffins, brownies and “Pop-Tarts”? Order a chocolate crinkle cookie that’s chewy on the edges and soft in the middle—a good alternative to the pedestrian brownie.

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    Focaccia at Baker & Nosh in Chicago, IL

    The best bite has to be the focaccia, just one loaf in the bakery’s ambitious bread program. Daily coffee cakes have a pleasantly dense, pound cake–like crumb, whereas sticky buns with hints of honey are notably soft. Huge sandwiches are satisfying, but the flatbreads are a little overcrisp. Photo: Tessa Marshall