Top Atlanta Banh Mi

Chloe · Atlanta Top 10 Guide · created over 7 years ago

The bánh mi is as staple as the Big Mac nowadays. Buford Highway (and a little bit beyond) is literally peppered with bánh mi places so I thought it would be nice to showcase some of them.

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    Banh Mi at Lee's Bakery in Atlanta, GA

    Number 7 in Atlanta. The grilled pork here is sweetish.

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    Banh Mi at Viet Tofu in Norcross, GA

    Number 6 in Atlanta and the biggest banh mi around.

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    Banh Mi at Saigon Deli in Doraville, GA

    Number 5 banh mi in Atlanta. Their grilled pork has a lemon grass flavor.

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    Banh Mi at No One Hong Kong Bakery in Norcross, GA

    Coming in at number 4 for the top banh mi in Atlanta.

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    Banh Mi at Pho Bac

    Top 3 in Atlanta.

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    Banh Mi at Pho Viet in Atlanta, GA

    Number two in Atlanta -- their head cheese is the best.

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    Banh Mi at Quoc Huong Banh Mi Fast Food in Doraville, GA

    Home of the best banh mi in Atlanta