T+L's Favorite Sandwiches

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Is there any food more universally adored? We asked sandwich aficionados—from Martha Stewart to Mario Batali—for their favorites. Adapted from "Planet Sandwich," Travel + Leisure, May 2012 (http://tandl.me/m29)

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  • Lobster Roll (Sandwich) at Farnhams J & T's Seafood in Essex, Massachusetts

    "The roll is piled high with big, juicy morsels of fresh meat, with just the right amount of melted butter. It's the ideal summer sandwich by the sea." –Gail Simmons, Top Chef judge, Food & Wine editor, and author of Talking with My Mouth Full

  • Squid In Its Own Ink with Aioli at Food Stand Near the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid, Spain

    "It's perfect in every way—hot, juicy, crisp, tangy—and great after a night out at the bars." –Mario Batali, chef and cohost of The Chew

  • Chicken Philly Cheesesteak at Larry's Steaks in Philadelphia, PA

    "I don't eat red meat, so I opt for chicken with American cheese, onions, sweet peppers, and ketchup." –Michael A. Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia

  • Roast Pork in a Bridge Roll at Wilensky's Light Lunch Inc in Montreal, QC

    "This tastes like the history of Montreal, especially the Mile End neighborhood. That yellow bread with grilled salami and bologna, served with Swiss or cheddar—and always with mustard—is just delicious." –David McMillan, chef at Joe Beef

  • Roast Pork in a Bridge Roll at Roast To Go in London

    "I love any pork sandwich, but particularly this one slathered with Bramley-apple sauce and topped with cracklings and Maldon salt. It reminds me of growing up in Birmingham." –April Bloomfield, chef and author of A Girl and Her Pig

  • The Big Mack Daddy at Tinys Giant Sandwich Shop in New York, NY

    "Altogether the best veggie burger in the city. The texture is perfect, the bun is challah-like, and the special sauce is just that—special. I complement this masterpiece with barbecue potato chips." –Mike Myers, actor

  • Hand-Massaged Wagu Beef on White Bread at Shima in Tokyo, Japan

    "Over-ordering at Shima is inevitable, so the legendary Chef Oshima will carve your excess Wagyu, put it in crustless white bread, and present it in a bento box for you to take home. It's that little extra that makes Japanese hospitality unparalleled." –Charles Spreckley, founder of BeBespoke Experience Atelier

  • Croque-Monsieur at L'Eclaireur in Paris, France

    "This classic has a few twists that make it a pleasant surprise. It's made with jamón ibérico and with mozzarella instead of Gruyere, and is filled with black truffles." –Adrian Moore, concierge at Mandarin Oriental, Paris, and food blogger

  • Ham and Cheese Baguette at Lady M Cake Boutique in New York, NY

    "It's a crunchy French baguette with salted butter, thinly sliced boiled ham, and Jarlsberg cheese. It satisfies the senses—and doesn't drip all over you." –Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and author of Martha's American Food

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    Banh Mi at Phuong's Banh Mi Shop in Hoi An, Vietnam

    "Outside the market in Hoi An there's a lady selling bánh mi from a stall that's pretty unbeatable. I get mine with everything on it—including a fried egg. That's the kicker." –Anthony Bourdain, chef, author, and host of No Reservations and The Layover