Top 10 Brunch Spots

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These comfy, friendly restaurants serve delicious food above and beyond good old eggs Benedict and French toast. Here's where to go first for the first meal of the day.

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    The Chick And The Chop at Matt's Big Breakfast in Phoenix, AZ

    Even with the long waits, this is a worthy stop for dishes featuring local ingredients, like the eggs from Hickman's Family Farms used in The Chop & Chick (pork chop and eggs).

  • Clay Pot at Beatrice & Woodsley in Denver, CO

    Unusual food (sautéed frog's legs, turtle soup) and quirky decor (a clutch of aspen trees in the dining room) are the attractions at this cabin-like spot.

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    Huevos rancheros at Grand Cafe in Minneapolis, MN

    At this neighborhood favorite, indulge in huevos rancheros and pork confit, Kobe brisket corned beef hash, or house-made biscuits with red-eye gravy. (And just try to resist a side of double-cured bacon.)

  • Buttermilk Griddle Cakes at Bar Jules in San Francisco, CA

    This quirky Hayes Valley café has an eclectic crowd, informal setting, and highly personal menu. For brunch—which may include baked eggs with short ribs, potatoes, and corn, or buttermilk griddle cakes with berries—arrive at 11:00 a.m. sharp.

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    House-Cured Coho Salmon and Rillettes of Smoked Bluefish at Craigie On Main in Cambridge, MA

    Chef Tony Maws's predilection for charcuterie shows up in the Craigie "Dimanche" sausages and house-brined corned beef hash. Bagel-and-lox lovers will dig the trio of house-cured fish (salmon, sablefish, trout).

  • Roast Chicken at mado restaurant in chicago, IL

    Decor is simple and the local ingredients are prepared simply at this Wicker Park trattoria. But considering how good brunch is—house-made berry jam on sourdough toast, roast chicken and potato hash with fried eggs—do you really need anything else?

  • Steak and Eggs at Customshop in Charlotte, NC

    With the charm of a neighborhood joint beyond its two years, this spot in the Elizabeth suburb does brunch right. A meat-centric menu includes steak and eggs, and roast leg of lamb with pesto couscous.

  • Frittata at Marigold Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA

    Enjoying southern dishes (like a collard green and mushroom frittata; a Surry sausage and mushroom crepe; and stone-ground grits) in a converted Victorian home, you'd think you were somewhere in Dixie. But no: It's just Sunday at this lovely University City BYOB.

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    Omelet at Canele in Los Angeles, CA

    Along Atwater Village's main drag sits this tiny gem run by chef Corina Weibel and her partner, Jane Choi. The omelets (filled with tomato confit, goat cheese, mushrooms, or caramelized onions) are simple perfection.

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    BLT at Frankies Spuntino Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

    This is the quintessential Brooklyn restaurant—tin-pressed ceiling, exposed brick walls, laid-back service, and simple but stellar food. Sit in the backyard, sip a glass of Soave, and savor the best BLT you'll ever have.