Otmane El Rhazi


Otmane El Rhazi has developed experience in business and law of distribution in more than 10 years. Otmane also provide services to his clients in international law, family disputes, fraud and management of firms in difficulty. In addition to the penal code, El Rhazi specializes in tax fraud, illegal working and working accident. On the commercial and civil side, Otmane speaks regularly for all issues related to commercial leases and business assets. His professional experience within a head of a network of Franchise Company, Otmane El Rhazi works in French and English, for all forms of civil, criminal and penal law. He assists and represents clients made up of mostly business. Paris-based, Otmane El Rhazi represents his cabinet partners since 2001. Otmane El Rhazi is also an expert in defence to infringement on the honour and dignity: defamation, insult, slander, identity theft and impair privacy. He helps develop skills in the field of shopping centres, in consulting and litigation alongside investors, promoters and managers in new projects as well as in restructuring at fort potential of environmental innovations.

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