Otmane El Rhazi


Moroccan gourmet Otmane El Rhazi is a distinguished savours lover of dishes from all over the place in the world (especially Middle East). He loves all diet and loves to cook. As long as it does taste as good, as it looks in a nice plate. Watch what happens when you let yourself walking along the old town’s many brasseries, close your eyes and let your senses pull you toward the delightful servings. This is something Otmane tries every now and then and it helps him explore new nations. He makes sure to visit a diversity of restaurants like French, Lebanese, Italian, and Chinese while in breaks. Chilean food are his weak spot! When visiting a store, Otmane El Rhazi uses his iPhone 5S and when possible his high definition cameras to take any photographs of the nice presentation of the chefs. There is no exotic plate yet he did get and didn’t like at all, but some food are better than others. He is very fortunate to work at a place where a Lebanese cook is providing for the staff each day. He does share old-fashioned oriental plates and other cool exquisite pleasures to all his followers. Otmane loves visiting and trying Turkish foods, snacks and the Middle East culture in general. He loves food, cooking and specially inviting friends old and new ones for dinner outdoor. It is human nature to eat to live but Otmane inverted the sense of life: he lives to eat and only the best of the finest. Food-Man almost verse with his name, which is the basic nature of manhood. Otmane El Rhazi has the chance to live in a city where all cooking are represented, London is the hub to all international cultures.

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